Four Locations in Central Texas
to Serve all your Self Storage Needs!
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  • On The Move?
    Whether you are moving in or out, CenTex Storage is the best way to store your belongings until you find the “perfect” place.
  • Home Owners
    CenTex Storage is the best answer for that everyday clutter. From excess furniture, holiday decorations, and hobby equipment.
  • For Your Business
    At CenTex Storage you can store seldom used equipment to old records and they are available when you need them
  • Contractors
    CenTex Storage can store tools and materials as well as plans, records and other bulk storage until that important job is done.
  • Apartment Dwellers and Mobile Home Owners
    CenTex Storage can store your household “leftovers”. From a little to a lot. We have the unit size you need.
  • Students
    Going home for the summer? CenTex Storage is the perfect, low-cost storage for the belongings you will leave behind.
  • Retailers
    CenTex Storage is the answer to the extra space you need for inventory or to store those seasonal items.